Step 1: Start with the right car.

This seems pretty obvious, but I’ve been around a lot of car guys, and I can’t tell you how often someone buys a car with the absolute, dead-faced intent of doing something with it that it was never meant to do. I have personally now fallen into this trap . . . twice. For a car guy, the car is an extension of the self, and the idea of surprising an audience is unbelievably appealing. I love having a good trick up my sleeve. So when we come up with some scheme to turn a big Ford LTD wagon into an autocrosser, or any car into something at the opposite of its design intent scale, we’re fighting an uphill battle from day one. Oh, if I see you at the track, I will stand and applaud, no question, but the thing is you’re going to be spending twice as much time wrenching as you are driving. Either that, or the driving experience itself won’t be anything like you thought it could be.


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